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Zek a.k.a Jin Secret Lover
07 July 2020 @ 04:03 pm
Hey, fangirls... my name is Zek, I'm Malaysian and my native is Malay, so my English not as good as yours...
pardon me for that ^^

I'm totally Akanishi Jin die-hard-fan... and Hayato Yabuki was my first-sight-love...
warning!----> I AM JIN-BIAS!

yup! i became Jinjin's fan since Gokusen 2. Just add me if you like, and remove me if you hate me ^^
i don't care anyway ^^ ahh... if you want to remove me, just let me know then I'll remove you too ^^ 
no offense, just in case you don't wanna me in your f-list just...okay let me know.
I don't want to bother anyone too XD

If people wanna be friend with me, then i just more than glad... if anyone hate me, then its their choice.
everyone have their own life anyway...LoL

ahh...anyway, one thing about me... I hate MatsuJun (no offense anyone)... i just can't stand him...so,
  • if you love Jun and hate Jin, then you shouldn't add me.
  • If you love Jun and love Jin too, then it's OK.
  • If you hate Jun and love Jin, then JOIN ME! haha...
I'm sorry, I can't cheat myself. I tried hard to like Jun but I failed... and I won't talk bad about Jun here anyway...
-OH, GOD! how many Jun's name i've typed there actually???-

The reason I love JIN?
should I make a list? yes?! OK...
  • Hayato Yabuki is a cute gangster class leader XD
  • His voice totally amazing
  • his smile just love
  • handsome
  • sexy
  • funny?
  • cool
  • cold?
  • caring?
  • his character
  • Bakanishi
  • cuteness
  • his pout
  • his puppy eye
  • his tongue *bricks*
  • his boxers *WHAT!!*
  • actually, do we need reasons to love somebody? my answer is NO! I can't list all the things I like about him! XD

I just wanna share of how-much-KATTUN-management-love-me
they give me 4 Jins to celebrate my birthday this year ^_~
ahh... the pix is just to remind my friends about my birthday *get shot*
Zek a.k.a Jin Secret Lover
19 October 2014 @ 09:39 pm
hi LJ.
today worth an entry.
today my colleagues told me a shocking scandal in our office. couldnt say it here tho but those news was just as dark as black.
and it makes me think about all the fanfiction i've read before. still can't believe it actually happened around me. some cliche from the drama and movie actually happened in reality, around me.
the scandal happened a year ago! only today i got to know about it. true, i'm not someone who poke nose on people's business and far away from a gossip person unless it involve me myself. the fandom is different story tho.

and now, i'm thinking about how to face those colleagues involved.  still shock and speechless.

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Zek a.k.a Jin Secret Lover
19 September 2014 @ 11:21 pm
long time haven't post anything in this journal. So, Jin had released his new MV-Good Time. and yeah... it fun to watch and i enjoy it a lot unless the part that he unclaps the models bra. lol. it so pervy... won't talk much on that since he's doing great himself. oh, yea... he looked skinny in the MV. poor my 1st-idol-crush. i hate to see my idol losing weight. T_T

enough of my 1st-idol-crush. i'm gonna talk about my 2nd-idol-crush... PARK YOOCHUN!
i just watched the Opening ceremony of Incheon Asia Game and had a glimpse of JYJ performing the theme song Only One and then Empty. couldn't see much of their perfomance because the keep showing the athlete. but still, happy and excited to them perfom live trough our local TV. today indeed a memorial day.

picture of Yoochun under the cut!Collapse )
p/s: not in the fangirl world in a long time made me lack of flailing attitude. wonder where it gone. but still i'm an active fangirl at heart. and yeah... adding Park Yoochun tag in my journal. maybe i'll post again about him in the future. :D
Zek a.k.a Jin Secret Lover
05 May 2014 @ 12:30 am
i'm here again... the things is still the same. girls were posting here and there, but still something is missing... maybe the joy of flailing over the 6s was not there anymore. maybe we were too old to flail over such things. i dont know...
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Zek a.k.a Jin Secret Lover
09 October 2013 @ 08:23 pm
dear fangirls... zek is still alive and she wants to get active again here in LJ...
hope friends will support her as before (tho i know, many of friends living with real life right now)
zek thought about posting again but, it mostly will related to real life... and of course, the fandom also.

and i'm thinking about writing a multichapter fanfic!

its been more than a year since my last post, right?
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Zek a.k.a Jin Secret Lover
11 June 2012 @ 01:08 am
22 more days til Jin's Birthday... 25 more for mine :D

i was thinking... what will i do for this year... cake? drawing? painting? cookies? hmmm
we'll see...

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Zek a.k.a Jin Secret Lover
07 June 2012 @ 07:47 am
woke up at 6.40am... and on my laptop after subuh instead of going back to sleep... i found this photo in my facebook ... seriously, i'm happy to see this pic...

nd also this post from yokumiz ....

how i put this?... tho i quite upset about the way they got married, but i couldn't hate him that much... and i start to like Meisa too... hope they will live good and happy... and i hope the baby is TWIN!!! lol... cuz i've read many fanfics about the twin akame -_-!!

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Zek a.k.a Jin Secret Lover
06 June 2012 @ 10:55 pm
i'm gonna change my layout, but still can't find the interesting one...
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Zek a.k.a Jin Secret Lover
26 March 2012 @ 10:53 pm
i've been watching the fandom from a little hole of my poor vision.. i don't feel like join the fandom anymore... should i just delete my account? i should done that long ago, right? it's a good bye then...well...

wait... part of my poor heart still dont want to let it go...
ok then, i'll wait a while...
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