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Zek a.k.a Jin Secret Lover
7 July
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About Me

~People might think I’m weird~

.I love writing, but I never done it even once.
.I have a bad temper. I get angry easily. Sometimes it really doesn’t make sense when I’m angry about a very little thing.
.But, I can forgive easily too. I forgive what other does to me, but I never forget! Sorry for that!
.What I like or what I love, I’ll treasure with all my heart. Even it just a small little stuff, if like it then I’ll take of it tenderly :D
.I can think rationally. I can think positively when others start to think negative. And vice versa :p
~~ or even something bad happened to me, I can think positive.

.I’m living with so many men in my house. I have 4 elder brothers and 2 younger brothers. I only got 1 younger sister. Yeah, I have a big family ^^ … so, basically I can understand men quite well -_^
.And I act a little boyish. But still I’m girl *^_^v

.I love to see someone who has a great-sweet-heart-melting smile .. so who is that? Yup! Jin Akanishi! And I’m gonna add one more idol who has the smile… he is, Kim Hyun Joong from SS501. Should I add a picture of KHJ here also? I’ll think about it (^-^)?

.It’s been few years since I got this Bio Image in my profile, but I only edit it in 2012. See? How much I love procrastinate thing? I’m a great procrastinator… sadly…

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